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Rock Glacier Inventory
of the Sawatch Range


This is a preliminary survey of rock glaciers within the Sawatch Range of Colorado. Included within this inventory will be rock glaciers of cirque, valley and piedmont types as well as protalus lobate forms.

The inventory will also include both relict as well as active rock glaciers. The initial phase of the inventory was to identify possible rock glacier sites using aerial photographs then following up by directly accessing the sites. This is still an ongoing process. As it is can be difficult to distinguish between protalus lobes and alluvial fans from the aerial photographs, sites that are not accompanied by up close photographs should be considered as tentative.

This website is organized by drainage basins beginning in the south and proceeding northwards. Rock glaciers seem to be more common in the northern parts of the range than in the south presumably due to cooler temperatures and increased precipitation.

Rock Glacier Study Areas
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